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· Zucchetti Centro Sistemi makes a line of Ambrogio robot lawn mowers. L85 Elite is the best robot mower for hills & rough terrain! Owner&39;s manuals: - Ambrogio Basic / Deluxe / Evolution Lawn Mower Robot - Ambrogio 3000 Professional / Deluxe Lawn Mower Robot elite - Ambrogio Line 300 L3BL Parts lists: - Ambrogio Lmodel). is a state-of-the-art anti-theft system.

With GPS enhanced navigation, this smart little mower can mow complicated lawns. This articulated robot adapts to change and is easily converted to meet your needs. In comparison, the 4. 9 by Ambrogio Client. Manual MD-CT-RO-51 R. Kosiarka Automatyczna Ambrogio 4. If your lot is 3/4 acre or more, take a look at the L210 Elite at a similar price, or check out the 4. The new user interface with large, standard touchscreen display makes handling the robot simple and intuitive.

Roboty koszące AMBROGIO - Machines Service Bochnia ul. › Garden and forest › Robotic mowers › Robotic Lawnmower 4. On this model is the ZCS Connect device that, together with the GPS, Bluetooth and GSM technology, enables connection with the robot anytime and anywhere, in total safety. Asserted Mowing Area:.

Ambrogio/LawnBott® Battery 7. Thanks to the Geofence Alarm, the system alerts the user when the robot leaves the lawn. 5 hours | Mow Height:. Manuals for some of the models are listed below. 0 Elite Extra Premium The Elite model combines the characteristics of flexibility and modularity with 4. A GPS and Connect module in the Twenty Elite increase efficiency using GPS assisted navigation, while giving you full GPS tracking, GeoFence alerts and the ability to manage, ambrogio interact and monitor the mowers functions.

Power Unit Light Power Unit Medium Power Unit Premium; Up to 800 m²: Up to 1. The Ambrogio Twenty Elite is new for and provides the build quality that you would expect from an Ambrogio product at a price which matches other mowers with a lower specification. INTERACTIVE AND SMART The L250i Elite is a concentration of innovation and technology. 0 - Duration: 5:21. Gesteuert per Handfernbedienung.

75 acres or 16 tennis courts). 6 acre | Run Time: 4. This model can be combined with the Medium, Premium and Extra Premium Power Units ranging between. This was a project made by our Technical Director John Hall for his own garden. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE We also provide a professional fitting service where we have over 12 years expert experience. AMBROGIO REMOTE is specifically created for Ambrogio customers, to let them have a more userfriendly and interactive experience with their robotic lawn mower. 0 Elite Extra Premium robots.

Ambrogio robot has been a family member for 20 years Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety. 7 Ah: Working time. Read our blog entry ambrogio 4.0 elite manual A User’s perspective to find out more. 0 Elite Extra Premium) at Amazon. It mows up to19,300 sq ft of grass, not including the house, driveway, etc. 0 Elite I Premium, Ambrogio AM040LIV8Z&AMB, Z EAN:.

Robot Mower Comparison - Husqvarna Automower 450X vs Ambrogio L250i Elite S+ - Build & Features - Duration: 18:47. the mower should be set to run 24 hours a day for a 3200 m² lawn. Download manuals. 0 Elite should be set to run 14 hours a day for the same area. 0 Basic Light has a 2. 0 technological innovation. Ambrogio robot synonimous with innovation.

0 teknologisk innovation. This way, you will always be aware of any movements made by your Ambrogio 4. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ambrogio 4. · Ambrogio 4. If you have any questions, Contact Us, we’re here to help (as well as sell you the best mower for your garden). One area where the 4. manuals and to stay up to date on news about Ambrogio products. Henryk Parzonka 16,511 views.

· Ambrogio 4. HAVE FUN – Drive Tech Robot manually. 0 Elite, L35 Deluxe and L60 Elite for a season and we are now in a position to compare them.

BE UPDATE –Stay tuned with the latest updates and upgrade your Ambrogio directly through your App. 0 Elite Elite-modellen kombinerer fleksibiliteten ved modulopbygning med 4. 0 Elite model combines the characteristics of flexibility and modularity with 4. They look a bit like an Alfa Romeo from the front. 6 section of land | Run Time: 4. The 3 tyres on each rear wheel which provides greater grip with less pressure on the lawn. 0 ambrogio 4.0 elite manual Basic Premium robot is the robotic mower for large 1/2 acre lots.

It is necessary that the computer on which the Ambrogio client is running is connected. It is the ideal solution for those who want the perfect lawn and more free time and it is suitable for those who are looking for mowing excellence, professionalism, and. EASY SETTING – Easily set up all the settings directly from your smartphone.

Also, Ambrogio has a neat feature that eliminates the need for Guide Wires. 0 Elite NEXT line Datasheet. 200 m²: Up to 1.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The L250i Elite is designed to regularly mow and maintain areas up to 3200m² (over 0. It offers latest technology (GPS, internet connectivity, security alerts) and you 4.0 can use the Amico tag to ensure that it does not disturb your pet. · Ambrogio 4. 0 NEXT line has 2 models (Basic and Elite) that can be configured into six different robotic lawn mower models by changing the power unit. It is also compatible with voice assistants and the pet protecting Ambrogio Amico tag. 800 m²: Battery 1x2. You can put a 40cm x 40cm x 50cm triangle into the perimeter wire 2 meters after a 2mt x 5cm signal and the mower will first go to the wire then when it encounters the triangle turn 90 degrees and traverse the yard to the perimeter wire on the other side of the yard.

John built from scratch this custom lift system, to bring his Ambrogio 4. 0 Basic Premium are identical except for their power units. Download Manual The 4. 0 Elite, it offers a pivoted platform which allows a better cut over uneven ground. It is mounted on board the ZCS Connect device that, together with the GPS, Bluetooth and GSM technology, enables the connection of the robot anytime and anywhere, in total safety.

and an appropriately long 87-page service and operation manual. 0 Elite Medium The Elite model combines the characteristics of flexibility and modularity with 4. 5Ah CS_C0106/1 NEWER RobotsModels L300, L350i, L210, L85 Elite, ambrogio 4.0 elite manual L250i: Ref 9,Model L250i:. Claimed Mowing Area:. The key features of Ambrogio 4. 36 Elite model is one of our newest models and follows on from the success of the Ambrogio 4.

The Elite model combines the characteristics of flexibility and modularity with 4. 0 Basic Light and the Ambrogio 4. The touchscreen display, advanced GPS enhanced navigation systems and ZCS Connect module make the robots extremely efficient and innovative. Den kommer med et ZCS connect modul, der via GPS, GPRS og bluetooth, tillader sikker opkobling til robotten alle steder, og til alle tider. Its flexible yet solid and safe structure enables the installation of three different types of Power Units, which can. 5 hours | Mow Heights:. 0 Elite Extra Premium include: 1) GPS navigation for more efficient mowing (perimeter wire required) 2) Touchscreen for programming flexibility 3) Inductive charging for zero maintenance electrical recharge 5) Motorized blade height adjustment enables different grass heights on the same property 6) "Connect" remote communication module that enables theft recovery via geofence and control of your robot from anywhere in the world! 0 Basic The articulated robot that transforms itself Battery not included.

8 Ah: Battery 1x8. So, we have been running the Ambrogio 4. 3 Ah "Smart" battery, while the 4. 9 Ah: Battery 1x5. 0 Elite Premium or 4. 0 Basic model is ideal for those who want a simple and reliable robot that adapts to changes.

0 Basic Premium has a larger battery for more mowing area. Indeed, in our manual cutter tests. 0 Basic obsługuje trawniki o rozmiarach od 8 do 18 arów. 0 Elite I Premium, Ambrogio Robotic Lawnmower 4.

0 Elite wins out over Husqvarna 430x is the time it takes to cover your lawn – based on the Husqvarna manual, the capacity of the 430x is 133 m²/h i.

Ambrogio 4.0 elite manual

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